Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Recently, ETUDE HOUSE presents the new Zero Sebum Line. 

Yea, the name sounds good right? Zero Sebum

Did you know that ? Excessive sebum is the cause of common skin woes like oily skin, enlarged pored and acne...

So, this new range is a complete solution that fights against sebum!

The new Zero Sebum Line features three products for a zero sebum solution that helps eliminate sebum and ensures our skin stays matte and pretty throughout the day.

This is the Zero Sebum White Sebum Clear  
[Price/Vol $19.90 (65ml)]

This product helps to remove clumps of sebum in skin without stimulation.

How to Use: To be used after cleansing and toner application. 

I have a combination skin type, I often get an oily in some areas such as the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin) Definitely, I need this Zero Sebum White Sebum Clear. This effective peeling cream quickly and easily melt the white bumpy sebum on my forehead, nose and chin area without water.

For sebum controlling, I applied Zero Sebum All Day Matte Gel at the last step of my skin care routine !

 Zero Sebum All-Day Matte Gel

$19.90 (65ml)

A silicon free finishing Gel that contains natural organic grain powder, which collects and controls the sebum for all day long sebum-free skin.

Zero Sebum Drying Powder  $13.90 (6g)

Pact Powder that absorbs sebum without affecting make up. Contains Natural Mineral Powder (80%) that adheres onto skin texture to prevent caking.

Pat ~Pat~ Pat after make up for sebum drying effect!
 Zero sebum powder leaving a sheer matte finish on my skin without any greasy after-feel which I absolutely love it <3

How to Use: This zero sebum powder can be use on your t-zone, eye area and on your hair.
So, just tap on areas with sebum trouble after skincare or make up application.

I really need this zero sebum line in my skincare and make up routine to stay matte all day long.
 If you have similar skin concerns, you may want to give ETUDE HOUSE ZERO SEBUM LINE a go. 

ETUDE HOUSE Zero Sebum Line will be available at all ETUDE HOUSE outlets from 1 May 2015 onwards.

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