Saturday, March 14, 2015

Korean Hair Accessory DIY

Handicraft is quite popular in Korea. There are various types of traditional and modern handicraft such as paper art, ribbon art, needle work and etc...

People who are interested to learn handicraft will take these classes in local cultural centers or private academies.

So here is the Korean Handicraft Center where I learnt how to make bows ...

 Handicraft Songsenim of the Day ... 

So let's get started~~  

We need to prepare ...
  • Double sided ribbon
  • At least 2 inches wide of Plain Headband / Metal hair clip/ French Barrette 
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

First, we need to cut  our favorite ribbon.

Glue the two ends together to make one ( you can use hot glue or double sided tape)

Fold and glue the long ribbon 3 times to have 3 layers.

After that...

Wrap the small piece of ribbon around the three layers in the centre and then glue down tightly.

Place and glue the bow at the headband

And Yeah~~This is the new pretty headband!

At the end of the class, I managed to do 3 different types of  hair accessory ( The Pink Bow Headband, Golden Bow French Barrettes, and Light Pink Bow Alligator Clips)

Selfie with my new Pink Bow Headband <3

The Golden Bow French Barrette.. Love the Barrette!! The advantage of barrettes is holding your hair tightly.

The little space to relax after learning.

Thank you my Hangul Songsenim for bringing us to do the handicraft during her weekend free time  <3 Appreciate it!

Thanks for reading, 
Have a great day =D

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