Sunday, March 29, 2015

치맥 Korean Fried Chicken and Cold Beer

My favorite after meal snack in Korea is ChiMaek (치맥) which means fried chicken and cold beer. ChiMaek is composed of the first syllables of the words chicken (치킨) and beer MaekJu (맥주) !~~


The pairing of fried chicken and cold beer is really too awesome!

There are various flavor of Korean fried chicken for you to choose !

 My favorite is honey chicken and spicy chicken

Korean fried chicken restaurants always use small- or medium-sized chicken and seasoned with spices, sugar, and salt, prior to and after being fried. 

Have you tasted  치맥 Korean Fried Chicken and Cold Beer before?  
Did you like the taste? 
I’d love to hear your comment~~

Till next time <3 

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