Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Poop Bread 동빵 , Insadong, South Korea

~ :mrgreen: HAHAHAHAHA

What am I holding? 
It is  Poop Bread- a delicious waffle-like bread in the shape of poo with dollop of filling. 

I am feeding Dongchimee- the poop man with poop bread  :)

I ordered a red bean fillings Poop bread which cost me only W1000. 

The poop bread is freshly made every time and the taste was surprisingly good too.

The Friendly Boss

I still remember the boss gave me the poop hat while I am taking photo, he was so cute and friendly.

The poo hat

If you need some pool props for the photo or When you are exploring at Insadong, don't forget to get yourself a Poop bread ya!

You can get there by subway Anguk station exit 6 then walk through Insadong street and enter Samzigel outdoor shopping mall. 

You will see the poop bread stand is on your right which near to the entrance of the mall.

I really have a great time and I hope you too.

Not forget to wish you ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ and ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’!!!

May the year of sheep brings you good health, wealth, peace and happiness =)

Catch up with you in my next post ...:mrgreen: XOXO :mrgreen:

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