Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sweetwater Bar and Bistro

Sweetwater Bar and Bistro at Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi is serving you Mediterranean cuisine, including Italian, Spanish, Moroccan, Greek and French dishes.


 Open all day for lunch and dinner from 11:00AM - 11:00PM. Sweetwater Bar and Bistro has been in operation  for more than 2 years.

We were first served drinks,
They offered a lot of alcoholic beverages but I was driving that day so I skipped the alcohol and ordered a strawberry smoothies instead.

So, Let the feast begin!
Focaccia Bread with Bruschetta and Baba Ghanosh
Focaccia is a Italian bread product. 
The white sauce,
Baba Ghanoush is made with smoked eggplant blend with extra virgin oil, yougurt and garlic.
The another sauce,
Bruschetta is actually tomato sauce.

This focaccia bread will be served FOC with the appetizer dish.

Albondigas- RM16

For the appetiser, the chef has prepared a bowl of Albondigas- lamb meat balls.

This is a heavenly combination of soft lamb meatballs in onion sauce. The meatballs absorbed all flavors of the herbs and spices make it so tasty~ Must Try =D

Gambas Ajillo RM15
This gambas al ajillo- shrimps in garlic is an aromatic dish and it was not spicy but very likeable with each spoonful. The sizzling fresh shrimps in garlic, chili and tomato sauce! So Yummy! there are never leftovers~

Lobster with Citrus Sauce. RM28- RM32

This Canadian lobster was quite succulent and juicy!

Linguine al Cartoccio RM55

Next came the main course, we started off with the Linguine al Cartoccio. It was with the assorted fresh seafood such as prawns, scallops, mussels, clams, squids, olive and caper.

Black Angus Beef Cheek RM58

For diehard beef-lovers, there’s also the braised black angus beef cheek with fragrant vegetables served with blossom rice .

The beef cheek is kept in a jar too... So once it's open the good aroma flows out ~!

Spanish Paella Valencia RM55

Last but not least is the spanish paella valencia. The paella is made from the saffron rice with assorted seafood, chicken thigh and the burgundy snails. Paella is best cooked using Bomba rice.

Chocolate Lover  RM22

To end the night,  remember to try their chocolate lover. This is served with Pressed Chocolate and Truffle Cake Combo with Cappucino Gelato. So Yummy~

Soufflé of Bittersweet Hazelnut Chocolate RM22

Soufflé translates as "puffed" in French...A good souffle expands and rises when it is baked. It is best eating a souffle before its falls. The chef uses good French chocolate to prepare this Soufflé.  I tried this chocolate soufflé which was light, delicate and tasted so nice! 

 Aww~~ Salivary glands start to kick in??
Then have a try of Mediterranean cuisine at Sweetwater Bar and Bistro today~

 Full address: No 116, Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi,
80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Tel : 607-331 4349

You can find more information on their Official Website 

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