Sunday, November 16, 2014

Etude House My Castle Hand Cream

We very often neglect our hands, leaving them in bad condition. After washing our face we always apply a moisturizer, and why not we do the same for our hands?

Etude House launches the new My Castle Hand Cream with a royal treatment for our hands.

The packaging of My Castle Hand Cream was inspired by Kidult culture. Hand cream that are designed and crafted into fairytale castles to embrace our inner child.

There are 4 types of "castles" with four different designs and lovely scents to choose from-  Ice Frozen, Pink Wish, Forever Rose and Magic Sweet.

Ice Frozen Castle imprinted with snowflake motif.

Pink Wish Castle is a feminine-looking princess paradise.

Forever Rose Castle designed based on the garden of Eden.

Magic Sweet Castle is designed as a candy mansion.

Back View of My Castle Hand Cream
My castle hand cream contains shea butter and six other organic herbal ingredient such as centella, aloe vera, lavender, lemon verbena, marshmallow root, and chamomile.

The scents are:

ICE FROZEN - This is a magical "Ice Frozen Castle" hand cream with ice floral fragrance.

PINK WISH - This is a beauty wish fulfilling "Pink Wish Castle" hand cream with sweet  fruity floral fragrance.

FOREVER ROSE - This is an elegant and feminine "Forever Rose Castle" hand cream with rose floral fragrance.

 Magic Sweet Castle- This is a most sweet vanilla fragrance.

I would like to say that I really couldn't resist the temptation of Etude House's nice packaging. To me, this hand cream is very light in texture. And this hand cream really does a good job to moisturise my hands without leaving any greasy feel.

There are four different fragrances which are all beautifully scented. My favourite scent is Pink Wish simply because I love fruity floral fragrance =D

 You can buy them individually ($9)  
as well as a whole set ($36).


Available now in all Etude House Singapore stores now =)

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