Monday, October 6, 2014

[Recipe] Steamed Milk Cake

I love to eat soft and fluffy steamed cakes! Today, I am going to share about the super easy recipe of steamed milk cake! 

Only 3 ingredient needed for this recipe~

1. An egg
2. Milk- 50ml (If you want your steamed cake to be more moist add honey and use yogurt instead of milk)
3. Pancake Mix Flour- 50g


1. Mix together the pancake mix flour, milk and the egg.

Divide and pour the mixture into a cupcake or bowl until filled about three quarters of the way  

Before steam

Then, steam the milk cakes for 15 minute of until firmed up. 

After steam
To test whether the steamed cakes is ready you can insert a skewer into cakes and see if it comes out clean without wet batter.
If it is clean, then you can remove the ramekins from the pan.

Serve warm or at room temperature~

Hope you like my sharing today, 
Till next time~
Have a nice day =)

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