Friday, August 1, 2014

[Recipe] Homemade Easy Ham and Egg Wraps

Everyone has somewhere to be at a certain time. 
And eventually, you will wake up late.

Oh no ! I am almost late...

However on busy mornings, the thing to neglect shouldn't be breakfast. 
So, Here is a quick and easy breakfast idea ...

Ham and Egg Wraps


1. Spread mayonnaise over each tortilla. 
2. Layer with ham and egg( The eggs are cooked into a crepe-thin omelet)
3. Top with lettuce
4. Roll up tightly
5. Cut in half and serve =D

So easy right ??

Feel free to post any suggestions or comments. Thanks!
Have a nice day =D

And today is 七夕情人节:Chinese Valentine's Day

七夕:the seventh evening of the seventh moon 
情人节:Valentine's Day 

I want to greet you all a warm Happy Valentine's Day.

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