Monday, July 28, 2014

My AirAsia Free Seats!

Reading ten thousand books is not as good as traveling ten thousand miles. 

It is because travel will teach you about the world.
 You will learn about people,culture,history and the facts about places.
 The better understanding about how it traveling works is something that cannot be learned from books..

Good news to all of us ! AirAsia Free Seats Is Back !!
And  there's no reason why you shouldn't be planning your next trip now=D

 Okay~~ is now my turn to Try Dream A Little Dream!

If I had 10 AirAsia Free Seats, I would go Bandung, Indonesia and I will bring along my family and friend along and here's why!

Bandung is very well know for its 
Factory Outlet 
Food Heaven Yeah!!
Nice scenery. Aww XD I really want to visit volcano site!!
 Good luck for me ??// 

Don't forget to grab AirAsia Free Seats for yourself and your loved one =D

Till next time, Have a great day =) 

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