Friday, August 1, 2014

Fly with Airasia to Lombok Indonesia- Day 2

I have been dying to find a time to continue writing my recent travel experience of Lombok Island, because this destination is nice and amazing

 Day 2 Itinerary  : 
Breakfast at Hotel=> Gili Nanggu Island =>  
 Lunch on a Island => Back to Lombok Island => 
Dinner at Al Hamra restaurant =>  Relaxing at Happy Cafe

Hotel to Jetty (2hours)
Jetty to Gilli Nanggu Island (15minutes)

Gili Nanggu is a small Island Southwest of Lombok with a beautiful white sandy beach.

I instanly fell in love with the clean, white sandy beach and the crystal clear water of Gili Naggu Island.
Walk around and enjoy the scenery of the Paradise Island in Lombok...

 Swing ~~Swing~~ Swing away your Stress ~!~~

 Get ready to EXPLORE ~!~~....

You will enjoy snorkeling because coral reefs and sea life are plentiful.

From here we board our boat to another Island for lunch~

A shady place for our lunch... 

And, Yeah !! =D 

We are going to have charcoal grilled fish !

Shiok ~Shiok~ Coconut Drink  !!

Lunch of the Day =D

On the way back to Lombok, the boatman mentioned
 'Zombie Island'

  Curious about it? Click on the video above... HeheXD

 Back to Lombok, it was Low tide...

And we found these creatures ~~

Deng! Deng! Deng! Deng!~~ 

Starfish !! ~~ Wow

Opps, Beware of Sea Urchin!

Samuel Spotted a Baby Crab~
Dinner at Al Hamra Restaurant located at Jalan Pejanggik in Mataram.
  This restaurant serves Arab cuisine...


 Grilled lamb with fragrant fried rice for our dinner ~~ 

Yummy <3 <3 <3

Relaxing at a cozy cafe before we got back to the hotel...
So, Happy Hour at Happy Cafe ~
And Enjoy the live band performance here~~

 I ordered for Mickey Mouse Mocktail and Banana Split ...

However, the mocktail turned up to be an ordinary float ...
 and no Mickey Mouse =.= ...

But I spotted Sponge Bob and Ninja Turtle at the convenient shop ... 

Sponge Bob Ice Cream

Sponge Bob? or Ninja Turtle? 

Magnum Pink or Magnum Black?

Paddle pop in Cup?

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