Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Sade Sasak Village, Lombok, Indonesia

 When I was in Lombok, I had the chance to go to visit Sade Village which located in Central Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat.  This is the place for me to discover, visit and feel the typical Sasak village landscape that still maintained its authenticity. The villagers here are still preferring to continue old traditions that's why modernization which invaded the island of Lombok seems powerless to affect them.

When you enter the Sade Village, you could see the traditional houses built in rows. 

Their house is very traditional, the roof made of alang-alang or elephant grass. The elephant grass function as providing coolness in hot weather and warmth during cooler nights.   

The walls are made from a mixture of clay and cow dung. To the villagers, the cow dung has multifunction such as for cleaning the floor,  washing, etc. Surprisingly, the cow dung is odorless ..

Their home is divided into 3 parts, namely a kitchen, bedroom and living room.

From the picture above and below, you can see people in Sade Village especially the men stay outside the house and women stay inside the house... Why?????

The traditional communities and cultural groups who live in Sasak village still practice their ethnic rituals, customs and traditions. 


They have a tradition that if a young man wants to marry a girl, he must kidnap the girl.
That is why a man as a father, he always has to protect his daughter from being kidnapped by others so the girls stay inside the house. 

 The Sasak are predominantly farmers cultivating rice fields, while their women are adept at weaving, producing the beautiful hand woven -Lombok ikat cloth.

They also make handicrafts like small ornaments to sell to visitors~~

I spotted a warm scene here !! XD

So lovely~~ The girl is feeding her younger sister... 好有爱哦

The main attraction of these villages is the chance to see and experience distinctive cultures which remain free from influences of modernization. A visit to a traditional village is an unforgettable experience for me. I wish to go back there again sometimes =D

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