Thursday, July 10, 2014

'Pony Beauty Diary' Lovely Dolly Look (Baby Doll)


   ETUDE HOUSE collaborated with makeup designer and beauty guru 'Pony'! 
If you are curious about the sweet makeup looks, check out ETUDE HOUSE You Tube and 'Pony Beauty Diary'

Eyebrows (#41)
Draw brows with no. 41.

Eye Shadows (#6, #33, #50, #4)Apply no. 6 on the entire eyelids. Follow by layering no.33 evenly from the outer corners to the inner corners of the upper eyelids. Draw eyelines with no.50 and use no.4 for the inner corner of the lower eyelids.

Blusher (#15)
Draw diagonal lines on cheeks with no.15 and blend evenly.

Lips (#26) For gradation lips, apply no.26 on the centre of the lips and spread it out with fingertip.

Check out her Peachy look with 101 pencil PLAY▶

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