Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fly with Airasia to Lombok Indonesia- Day 1 Itinerary

Hello everyone, I am just back from the media familiarisation trip to Lombok Indonesia organised by AirAsia and Lombok Tourism.

Photo source: SockPeng 
If you have been following my instagram @tangqiaoqiao, you might already saw some of the pictures took there ! 

Our flight took off from Senai on schedule at 6:50am.
The flight to Lombok took 2 hours 50 minutes arriving in Lombok Airport at 9:40am.

Lombok is an island in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

It is just as beautiful as Bali, but without the high tourist numbers. Yet.

Our Day 1 Itinerary 


 Depart from Johor Bahru to Lombok via AK0486

Having hot meal of PAK NASSER'S NASI LEMAK on board
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Arrive at Lombok International Airport

Welcome Reception & Pick up at Lombok International Airport

Without wasting time, we proceeded on our tour of Lombok island straight out of the airport
 Selong Belanak, Lombok, Indonesia
First destination, we visit  Selong Belanak

After that, we visit Mawun Beach 

My nick name (Tangqiaoqiao) @ Mawun Beach

Lunch at Astari Restaurant, Lombok, Indonesia

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After lunch, we visit Tanjung A’an at Kuta beach
Tanjung A’an at Kuta beach
Then, we visit Sasak Village

Sasak Village
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Dinner at Menega Lombok  

Dinner at Menega Lombok restaurant by the beach
  Click Here for the full article of our dining experience.


Transfer in hotel Kila Senggigi Beach Hotel located at
Jalan Pantai, Senggigi, Lombok, Indonesia (Map Here)  

More detailed blogpost will be up soon, 
Please stay tuned =D 

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