Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dinner at Menega Lombok restaurant by the beach

Sunset view at Menega Lombok Restaurant

 We had our dinner at  Menega Lombok restaurant by the Batu Layar Beach (from Mataram in the direction of Senggigi Beach), Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia

 They only have one style of cooking and that is barbecue.

 As you walked out the front you could smell and see the open grills they used to cook the seafood~

What makes Menega Lombok restaurant so special is the fresh seafood are grilled over charcoal and coconut husks.

We had our dinner at the beach, where we can dip our feet in sand.

Fishing boats on the beach at Menega Lombok restaurant.

Makan Time!

We Eat...

The "Sambal KangKong" (veggie dish)


4 different sauces

 At Menega you get rice,  our dinner set comes with King prawns, squid, clams, fish, sambal kangkong (veggie dish) and 4 different sauces.

Awesome Local Seafood
 The quality & taste of the seafood was great! 
Especially the chewy grilled squid <3

 The situation on the beach is nice

 Below are some of the beach dining view =)

Sunset view at Menega Lombok Restaurant

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