Saturday, December 28, 2013


HI everyone,   
Today I'm sharing my experience with etude house mask sheet~~

 Masks sheet are not a "one size fits all" product but a beneficial step in skin care regime, a weekly facial mask will be a great addition~~

Usually, I used once / twice a week, facial masks can take care of my skin concern like dryness, lacking of elasticity and sometimes dullness ...

No matter what is your skin type, there is a facial mask that suitable for you. 

Etude house have 27 types of facial mask sheets ranging from Alphabet A-Z and 1 HEART shape design MASK
27 choices to choose from, all with different ingredients and properties! 

Etude house knows girl's needs so well
That's why I Love ETUDE SO MUCH

Before u buy a facial mask, 
recognize ur skin type and buy accordingly to ur needs~~

MIX & MATCH these etude mask to take care of your skin =)

For Soothing/Trouble care: 

Elder flower
Green Tea
Tea tree

For Nourishing:

Job's tears
Korean Ginseng
Shea Butter
Unpolished rice

For Hydrating:

Hyaluronic acid
Royal jelly

For Brightening/ Antioxidant
Bulgarian Rose
Vitamin complex
White pearl
5 berries Extract 

Today i m using the limited edition of 

  ♥ Heart mask 5 berries extract

The mask sheets is made of corn fiber and natural pulp which fit well on my face,
but are a little short on my nose.haha  Peace! XD  
And the mask doesn't have that too wet feel, hence no dripping, woohoo =).

Wait and relax for 15-20 minutes...
I felt good on my face, it was comfortable and cooling when I apply on my face~~
After removal of mask,  i felt that the essence absorbed into my skin,
so I think that it is not much need for patting. Nice right ~~XD

The leftover essence can be used on the neck and  whichever areas you feel need a moisturizing boost.

Price and Where to buy:

The price of the mask sheet is SGD1.90 each piece which is very reasonable and it is now available at all etude house singapore outlet ~~

Erm ... other than the etude mask...
My favourite etude product is any cushion ...

Last few days I grab myself another
 ★Any Cushion Refill Set@$42
(1 Any Cushion + 1 Refill pack) at $42 only (U.P. $48)!

My shade is #2, there r 4 shade available... 

And I do love the moistfull mist of etude house

it can be use before or after apply bbcream/ cc cream/ foundation...
So in love with etude product ~~

For hair care product of etude house
I love this best travel friendly treatment:-
Silk scarf hologram hair serum 

There is few more day we gonna
Say good bye to 2013, and welcome 2014

Etude house has a very special 2014calendar 

There are useful discounts coupon inside...
So nice and useful calendar ~~
Thank you etude house singapore ~~~

Store location of etude house Singapore:

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