Monday, December 16, 2013

Biggest IMAX opens in Tebrau City

Woohoo~~   Moviegoers in Johor will now be able to enjoy movies in IMAX !!

Last Wednesday,
11 December 2013 TGV Cinemas launched their biggest IMAX hall in TGV Tebrau, AEON Tebrau City Shopping Centre 

TGV Cinemas is one of Malaysia’s biggest operators and owners of premier multiplexes.

. Currently, TGV Cinemas have 3 IMAX® theatres in TGV Sunway Pyramid, TGV 1 Utama Shopping Mal and TGV Terbrau.   

Preetam Daniel, IMAX‘s Director of Sales for India and South East Asia.

He representing IMAX Corporation at the opening ...

At the opening, Gerald V. Dibbayawan, Chief Executive Officer of TGV Cinemas said we want our patrons to not only go home with memories of the movie, but most importantly, to rave about their overall cinematic satisfaction. 

Because of them moviegoers in Johor will now be able to enjoy movies in IMAX

Yeah ~~!!! 

BIg clap for them!!!    

 TGV Cinemas treated guests to a special premiere screening on the day.

The  Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson’s

The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug.

So Get Your Popcorn Ready, Itss Movie Time!!!! 

NExt collect your IMAX 3D glasses ~~  

In terms of seating capacity, IMAX® theatre in TGV Tebrau boasts a total of 362 luxurious and comfortable seats,making it currently the largest IMAX auditorium in Malaysia!!

In IMAX, you’re experiencing everything from the movie itself to the theatre’s technology and design that make you believe you’re part of the action.

The custom theatre was design to creates a picture that is higher, wider and closer.

Not only that, IMAX works directly with filmmakers to enhance the movie using its Digital Re-Mastering® process, which delivers superior picture and sound quality.

That’s the difference between seeing a movie and being part of one.


My experience in IMAX tebrau city was AWESOME!!

I was very satisfied from the comfort of my seats to the ambience, and the effects of the movie.

The IMAX’s cutting-edge projection system delivers crystal-clear images and coupled with IMAX's customized theatre geometry and the powerful digital sound system, make me feel I'm  in the movie

Overall, It was a memorable and enjoyable experience to me and my family while enjoying the movie at

the IMAX® theatre in TGV Tebrau   

I am very happy and grateful  to TGV Cinema, The Butterfly Project for the invite =)

Find our more info:

Once again, 

Thank you so much  TGVCinemas for the invites =) 

Really Enjoy the day and the movie  so much ^^

And also the goodies bag , 

Inside the goodies have 

Tgv blanket, Tgv tumble, line plush doll and line fans

All is so nice =) Appreciate it so much ~~

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